How to organize your garage


Tripping over mowers and can’t find the rakes? Sports equipment winning the space game or maybe your car feels left out. Don’t close the door on it all. Your garage just needs a little organization. Follow these simple steps, and you’ll man-handle the mess in no time.

  • Assess the situation. Look around and take a mental inventory of the types of items you have, and how they would be most efficiently stored. For example, smaller items and odds/ends (ie: nails, screws, washers) can be easier to keep track of when kept in drawer units or workbench cubbies.
  • Make mini-goals. Breaking the task into smaller chunks will help keep you from feeling overwhelmed. Plan to set aside a few hours over several days—and, of course, be sure to take breaks!
  • Move it to the middle. When all else fails, push everything to the center. Then start sorting, making smaller piles along the perimeter as you go. Remember to group items by category, including what to give away and what to throw out.
  • Stack it … and rack it! Larger items can be packed away in bins and other modular units which can then be loaded onto racks and shelves or placed in cabinets. It’s a perfect way to wrangle seasonal equipment; power tools and extension cords; batteries, flashlights, gear, and toys.
  • Label it. It’s not really organized unless it labeled. So don’t forget to label the units so you can easily identify what’s inside.
  • Go vertical. Use those walls whenever possible. From hooks to expansive panel systems, there are many storage solutions available that help maximize space from top to bottom.  
  • Don’t forget the floor. You might actually want to consider covering it. Mats and rubberized tiles help protect as well as provide slip resistance and sound absorption, along with the perfect finishing touch—they feel good underfoot, too.

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