5 easy steps to organizing your bedroom


Your bedroom should be a place where you feel calm, comfortable and relaxed. Is it looking more like a nightmare? Then it’s time to put the kibosh on the chaos. Take these 5 easy steps to get organized, fast.

  1. Lose the clutter. You’ll feel more peaceful, and you’ll gain space. Start by organizing your closets and dressers so that clothes aren’t strewn on the bed, the floor and over chairs. As you de-clutter, take note of what types of storage you might need or what kind of furniture might help you to better organize things and save on space.
  2. Make your bed. A good night’s sleep starts with a good mattress and comfortable bedding. Don’t be afraid to take some time to figure out what’s the best mattress for the way you sleep. Bonus tip: Add a new bedspread to quickly “redecorate” and refresh your room. If you want a whole new look, that’s definitely a good place to start.
  3. Sort like your sleep depends on it! Organize everything on the tops of dressers, tables, and shelves. Throw out or give away what you’re not using, and create/designate space to efficiently stash jewelry, hair products, makeup, etc. Organize your night table, too, keeping “minimal” in mind (ie: clock, book, photo).
  4. Don’t forget your dresser drawers. Remove anything you’re not using, and throw out or donate. Then put laundry, papers, and books where they belong, and store seasonal bed linens and clothing where they will be out of the way of daily routines.
  5. Keep it clean. Vacuum and dust weekly; also remember to wipe down windowsills and blinds. Reducing dust and dirt in your bedroom can diminish allergy flare-ups and help you get a better night’s sleep.

Cleaning and organizing your bedroom can help improve your sleeping habits and increase the quality of your down-time. A good night’s sleep is an integral part of a starting any new, healthy routine, and following these 5 easy steps will help you maintain it.

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