10 simple home office organizing solutions


A well-organized office is the key to working smarter and faster. You’ll also be happier while you work without all the clutter to distract you. Here are 10 easy steps to get your home office organized.

  1. Embrace labels. Enlisting the help of a personal label maker will make it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for and keep everything in its place.
  2. Contain yourself. If you’re tired of scrambling for pens, paperclips, or Post-its, the best defense is a good desktop organizer or pencil case.
  3. Stock up. Always have a back-up supply of printer ink and paper.
  4. Out with the old. Throw away anything expired, broken, or out of date.
  5. Archive it. Get storage containers and pack up last year’s important documents, making sure to clearly label each box by date or contents or whatever system makes it easy for you find what’s inside.
  6. Prioritize with color. Keep the files that you use regularly in a separate easy-to-reach filing cabinet, and organize them with brightly colored file folders – you’ll see it makes a huge difference in how fast you find things.
  7. Get creative. Adding a dash of your personal style can make your home office much more comfortable. Look for a lamp, desk accessories in a color or pattern that appeals to you, or a throw to put over your shoulders on a cool day.
  8. Plan ahead. A new year calls for new calendars and day planners to help you keep track of important stuff. There are also great apps that you can download that will help keep you on track.
  9. Sign, seal, deliver. Keep a designated stash of Forever stamps and at least two sizes of envelopes available to accommodate whatever can’t be done online.
  10. Ready, set, sip. An office just isn’t an office without a beverage in the morning. Coffee, tea and water along with a coffee-maker or tea pot and filters, cups, and creamer will satisfy and refresh.

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