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Tablets under $100 Buying Guide

Looking for a new tablet but don’t want to break the bank? Good news: Tablet technology has come a long way, and you don’t have to spend much to meet your mobile needs. In fact, you’ll find a variety of reliable, value-priced tablets under $100 right here. But which tablet you buy depends on who it’s for and what you want to do with it. Allow us to elaborate


Things to look for in budget tablets

Storage. Go with at least an 8GB model to ensure you have enough space for apps, photos, eBooks and the occasional movie. Look for a tablet with an SD slot if you wish to expand storage down the road.

A popular operating system. Google’s Android OS is your best bet for under-$100 tablets, as the software is always being updated (and for free). These frequent updates will keep your tablet feeling new for a long time.

The apps you want. Budget tablets offer a vast array of apps available for download. Some tablets come with useful apps like Skype, Netflix and Evernote already installed. You can remove apps easily from your tablet to free up space and download more applicable ones.

Speed limits. Seek out tablets with at least a 1GHz processor. However, it’s best to find a tablet with 1.5GHz or more so running multiple apps at once won't slow you down.

Tablets for kids

Yup, even young ones have gotten in on the tablet game. In fact, it’s not uncommon to see children as young as two years old effortlessly navigating tablets via kid-friendly interfaces. Look for nabi tablets and devices from other top brands like LeapFrog and VTech. As for features and specs, parents will need to review what each offers to ensure they find one that fits both their and their child’s needs. Things to keep in mind are screen size, parental controls, types of games and apps built in, educational content and operating system, to name a few.

Tablets for the classroom

Computers are a big part of classrooms these days. In fact, educators are trusting tablets to help teach students in a more digital-friendly fashion. Prices on tablets are generally quite a bit lower than desktops or laptops, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find a number of top-brand tablets under $100: HP tablets, Pioneer tablets and more.

eReaders for bookworms

If you just want to read books or newspapers on an electronic device, then an eReader is for you. It condenses an oak tree's worth of books into a small device that only needs to be charged once a month. The specialized "eInk" display is easier on the eyes and more paper-like than today's color tablets. But if you want more versatility with Internet, apps, etc., then go with a tablet.

So there you have it. You really don't have to compromise quality to get a tablet the whole family can enjoy. At these prices, you may even be able to afford more than one for double the fun!


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