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Kids' tablets: Learning systems compared

Based on the same technology as regular grown-up tablets, the latest tablet computers for kids are packed with special features to make them 100% kid-friendly inside and out. Let's take a look at some of the best kids' tablets on the market and pick out what makes them special.

Built for kids

You'll find that children's tablets are a little more colorful than their adult equivalents, but that doesn't mean they're just toys. The Kurio 7S Tablet is fabricated from the ground up to appeal to kids and families. Built in a chunky plastic case, it's hardwearing. So it'll survive all the bumps and drops that come along with being in your little ones' hands. Alternatively, some brands equip their more conventionally styled tablets with a protective (usually rubber) case. Take the XO Kid's Tablet for example. Defending the rough and tumble of kids' play, the rubber cover comes off for easy cleaning.

Learn and play

More and more tablets run on the Android operating system, which is well supported by many app makers. Android enables tablet makers to create their own special home screens designed for kids.

VTech has years of experience making technology for children, for example. The InnoTab 3S has big chunky buttons and custom screens for kids learning to use tablet computers for the first time. Educational apps offer feedback as your child learns to use the device.

The custom interface—a central feature of children's tablets—isn't just to make things kid-friendly. It improves the overall learning experience, so the device helps your children learn how to use technology and prepares them for the future.

Ready to go

When you buy a tablet for yourself, you want to add the apps you like and need. You'll want your kids to be able to express themselves in the same way, without letting them loose on the Google Play app store with your password.

With learning systems like the LeapPad2 Explorer, app store access is locked down. Instead, kids have access to a range of bundled apps they can favorite and access. The LeapPad2 has well over 300 apps built right in, too.

The XO Kid's Tablet has hundreds of apps and books pre-loaded as well. Another popular option, the Nabi 2, has 100 apps ready to go. And the InnoTab 3S teaches a range of school curriculum subjects, from reading and math to geography and science, using bundled apps.

Parental control

The great thing about all these devices is that they all have features that put you in control of the configuration to make sure your child's privacy is safe and that they don't have access to parts of the web you'd rather they didn't see.

The InnoTab 3S has a built-in web browser, for example, but it's configured to make sure that any content your child accesses is kid-friendly. The Kurio 7S Family Tablet uses active web filtering of over 450 million websites to make sure your child can learn safely online.

Not only do these high-tech kids' tablets make for a budget-friendly holiday gift, but they will keep your young ones learning while entertaining themselves for years to come. 

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