how to save money using your cellphone's wifi
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4 benefits of Wi-Fi phones

Wi-Fi can be a valuable asset to smartphone users in a number of ways. There are more ways to get connected to your network every day — like 3G or 4G/LTE/WiMAX, Bluetooth USB, and in some cases, even HDMI ports to connect your phone with other hardware and services — but a Wi-Fi phone can save you time and money in the long run. Here's how:

  1. Lower data charges: By connecting to the Internet, reading your email or downloading files, apps and photos via a Wi-Fi hotspot, you can save your wireless plan's monthly data allowance for times when you're on the go. By getting into the habit of using a Wi-Fi connection whenever possible, you'll make going over your wireless plan's data cap much less likely — and avoid overage charges. Chances are you'll also be saving data chargers by using Wi-Fi at home and at work.
  2. Download speed: When it comes to download and upload speeds, a wireless data connection is no match for the likes of Wi-Fi Internet. By using Wi-Fi to download and upload files, you'll be done in record time, which means more time enjoying the latest apps, social networking features, music and everything else that your handset has to offer.
  3. Video and VoIP calls: With a Wi-Fi connection, you can use services like Skype and Vonage to make video or VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls to your friends, business contacts and loved ones. That can help you save minutes, which could allow you to opt for a less expensive plan with fewer minutes, while also avoiding overage charges. In the case of video calls, what could be better than seeing a long-distance relative or friend on video for a truly personal connection?
  4. Cool stuff: When you mix a smartphone with Wi-Fi with the right apps and equipment, cool things can happen. Wi-Fi–connected handsets can actually remotely control home theater equipment — like Roku or Boxee Box — or home-automation functions, like turning your lights on or off. You can even connect remotely to your work or home computer to manipulate, create or print files — whether you're across town or across the globe.

Now that you're a Wi-Fi expert, learn more about getting the perfect smartphone for you.

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